Morning Newsfeed: Cook County Burns Through OT Funds, Latin King Leader Is Guilty, Phony Art, Who Killed Biggie?, and More



Another earthquake has hit Japan. This one measured 7.4. (Tribune)

Cook County has burned through most of its 2011 overtime funds already. The Highway Department has paid out twice its allotted overtime budget. The assessor is blaming his predecessor for bungling OT funds. Good times! (Sun-Times)

A convicted murderer vows "I"ll be back." In 30 years. So...maybe. (Tribune)

The leader of the Latin Kings has been found guilty in a RICO case - remember from Batman Begins? Anyway, he'll be sentenced for "racketeering conspiracy and multiple federal charges for orchestrating violence and drug dealing in Chicago." (Tribune)

A local art dealer has been indicted on charges that he passed phony artwork off as authentic. (Tribune) The Reader had a story on this fellow and the art world's dirty secrets in 2008. (Reader)

Is this the first gay caveman? (Daily Mail)

Did a corrupt cop kill Biggie? (Gawker)

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