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Comcast Offers Really High Speed Internet at Really High Price


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Comcast released Extreme 105 today. No, it's not a new radio station, it's Comcast's fastest Internet service ever, a 105 Mbps connection that's being called "Smoking-Fast" and "Wallet-Burning"

That's because the service is between twice as fast and around 18 times as fast as Comcast's current offerings, depending on your bundle. It comes at a pretty steep cost: $105/month for the first year with TV and phone, rising to something between $130 and $150 after the promotion, according to Yahoo! You can also get Extreme 105 for $200 without the service bundle. By comparison, a six Mbps connection costs $50 on its own.

UPDATE: No, you can't get the $105/month deal, according to theTribune on April 22, which says both new and existing Comcast customers in the area are being offered the $200 rate, while other markets get the $105/month promotion.

So what can so many megabits per second get me, you ask? Well, Comcast's official blog said something about connecting us with our families better, but as we all know what really matters is how fast you can download movies, and the new service delivers. It takes Extreme 105 just two minutes to download a movie and three seconds to download an album, according to a Comcast press release; that six Mbps connection takes 30 minutes for a movie and a whole 50 seconds to download an album. Of course the release also noted that "Typical file sizes and actual download times may vary. Times are approximate." So.

If you're really looking for fast Internet service, go to Chattanooga, where the city provides an astonishing one-gigabit-per-second connection for uploading and downloading at a whopping $350 each month, which makes Extreme 105 look like Tempered 105 on all fronts.

Who knew living in the future would be this expensive?

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