Morning Newsfeed: The iPad Kills Jobs, Record Spring Snowfall, Tax Day Tea Party Rant, and More



The Irish student beaten in a Bucktown baseball bat attack last year is struggling to recover. (Sun-Times)

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. says the iPad is responsible for killing American jobs. Well, “probably,” at least. (Real Clear Politics)

The snow that you saw on the ground this morning is part of a record snowfall for spring, according to the National Weather Service. (Tribune)

A Rochester, New York, schools official in contention for the top Chicago Public Schools job is expected to resign today, as Rahm Emanuel prepares an education-centered press conference. (Tribune) UPDATE: Emanuel has named Jean-Claude Brizard as the new Chicago Public Schools CEO. Tribune

The rant that set off the Tea Party is remembered. Also, your taxes are due today. (Tribune)

As the Reader reported several weeks ago, Wrigleyville’s reggae club, the Wild Hare, is closing, as its owner returns to Ethiopia. (Tribune)

A former Northwestern journalism student working for a news organization in Libya has been detained, and hasn’t been heard from in several weeks. (Tribune)

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