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Bathing Can Be Dangerous


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  • Image Arboresce @ Flickr
According to a new study in the health journal Resuscitation (America's favorite summertime read, after People and "Danielle Steele books"), taking a hot bath during the cold, cold winter can make our hearts stop beating—and that usually doesn't end well. Apparently, your blood pressure drops really fast when you get into a hot bath after being out snowboarding or making blue snow hamsters or whatever it people do outside when it's cold (I don't leave the house during the winter months). For folks with troubled hearts, this sudden pressure drop can lead to cardiac arrest! Man.

The report doesn't mention hot showers—what about those? Maybe showers are safer than baths because the water bumps off of you right away and then falls down the drain. But if I were you I'd probably be on the safe side and plan on taking cold baths and showers next winter. Or, I guess the other thing you could do is not to shower or bathe at all. This won't please your friends/family/coworkers very much, but if they really care about you they'll be supportive.