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Show Us Your...Record Collection


Each week we ask you to show us something. This week, it's your RECORD COLLECTION—John Corbett's collection of vinyl, to be exact.

Corbett, who co-owns Corbett vs. Dempsey art gallery, is the proud owner of some 14,000 LPs, singles, and 78s. For years he's refused to unload anything from his collection except duplicates, a conviction that stems from an ill-fated decision in college to sell some of his punk records.

Corbett's not an active buyer anymore; he doesn't need to be: "I went home one day and realized there was much there that I didn't enjoy."

Fair enough. But what about his art gallery being perched above Dusty Groove America record store? Isn't that . . . tempting? "It's like a former crack addict living above a crack house," he admits.

Got something to show us?

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