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Metal: Brand-new Bones, Live Superchrist, and Evil-powered Beer


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It pleases me to launch this column on Chicago metal with news of an especially Chicagoan album: the self-titled debut from Bones, due May 2 on Planet Metal, the label of Dawnbringer mastermind Chris Black. Bassist and vocalist Jon "Necromancer" Woodring (who briefly played in Nachtmystium a few years back), guitarist "Carcass" Chris Svoboda (who used to have a solo project called Eternal Hatred), and drummer Joe "Warlord" Schaeffer have been friends for more than two decades, says Black. Woodring and Schaeffer helped found Usurper in 1993, and all three played in the band for several years in the aughts.

The art for Bones is by two Chicagoans, Christina Casperson (who also did the cover for Dawnbringer's Nucleus) and Matt "Putrid" Carr. The band "pretty much recorded it live," according to their Facebook page, working with Sanford Parker at Electrical Audio and Semaphore. Jim Bresnahan of Kommandant has called Bones a "dirty bomb," and the track Planet Metal has posted is frenzied, ragged death metal dripping with the filth and swagger of punk—no quantized typewriter drums or guitars compressed into bland, congested slabs. "Musically it's influenced by their heroes growing up around here," says Black. "Master, Impetigo, Devastation." Bones have no release party planned, but they're booking shows into the summer.

It's a big week for Black: he's also bassist and vocalist for Superchrist ("the original beer metal bastards"), who celebrate the release of the live album Burn Again Sat 4/30 at the Red Line Tap, 7006 N. Glenwood. The show starts at 9 PM, and it'll cost you $7 to hear "Electric Penis" and "Fucked in the Face (Again)" up close and in person.

Three Floyds has a history of brewing small-batch beers in collaboration with metal bands (Bible of the Devil, Pelican), and when Amon Amarth played Bottom Lounge two weeks ago, the brewery tapped "Ragnarock"—cheekily referred to as an Æsir porter—at the show. At Dark Lord Day (Sat 4/30 at Three Floyds HQ in Munster, Indiana) it'll debut a Lair of the Minotaur-themed imperial pilsner called Evil Power, named after the local band's recent fourth full-length. Unlike Ragnarock, a draft-only beer, it'll also be available in 22-ounce bombers.

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