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Conversations With the Morning Paper



Notes on reading the April 30 Tribune:

Congratulations Henry Chu. Congratulations, news editors.

Chu (of the Los Angeles Times) wrote this lead out of London:

If a single prince is in want of a wife, no one puts on a better show than the British when he finally gets one.

That truth was universally acknowledged Friday when William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten Windsor, second in line to the British throne, married Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, his college sweetheart.

The editors didn't ruin Chu's lead by assuming that readers needed to be told, or reminded, where it came from.

On the other hand, who's responsible for the following? It's in the sports pages, in the thumbnail description of Stephen Paea, the Bears' second-round draft pick:

He's still raw — he played only one year of high school football in California after moving from Tonga, so his instincts aren't the best.

Bears coaches will have to teach him better instincts.