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Mayor Daley's Last Stand


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Mayor Daley will preside over his last City Council meeting today. (Sun-Times)

Evanston, a dry town until the 1970s, has rejected an application from sexy sports bar the Tilted Kilt. (Tribune)

Fired by the city, and now by the county, former city water boss Tommie Talley Jr. says he’s a victim of politics. (Sun-Times)

The White House has changed its narrative of how Osama bin Laden was killed, now saying he wasn’t armed, though he resisted. (Washington Post)

Bin Laden and his cohorts were odd neighbors — the Klopeks of the block, really — keeping to themselves and hoarding balls that children accidentally lobbed into the compound. (Sun-Times)

The big question now: What did Pakistan know? (Sun-Times)

The White House is still weighing releasing photos of bin Laden’s corpse. Do you want to see it? (Washington Post)

President Bush declined an invitation to join President Obama at Ground Zero this week, saying he preferred to stay out of the spotlight. (NY Times)

The children to whom President Bush read My Pet Goat on 9/11 are 16 and 17 now, and happy bin Laden is gone. (TIME)

"bout to kill ma kid" was the foreboding Facebook post created by an Australian man who followed through on his threat. (Global Post)

Four reporters, including a Medill graduate, have been in Libyan captivity for a month. (Global Post)

Four people in Oklahoma have been arrested after beating a man, tattooing “RAPEST” on his forehead, and leaving him to die. (Oklahoman)

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