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This Week on the B Side


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Welcome to the second week of the redesigned Reader. How's everyone feeling about it now?

The major changes are already in place, and despite what you may have assumed after seeing the relaunch issue, my column Sharp Darts is still running—so you can look forward to a continued weekly reference to the Streets in the Reader, I guess. This week's column is about bringing music to the always-on networked data array that pundits have termed "the cloud." This being the music industry, where no innovation can be implemented without a ridiculous amount of drama, the story's more entertaining that it might sound.

Elsewhere on the B Side, as we're calling the new expanded music section, Peter Margasak digs into the first chapter of Coin Coin, a sprawling and intricate avant-garde jazz opus by saxophonist, composer, and Chicago native Mantana Roberts. Our new regular feature Artist on Artist gets local electronic noisemakers Dorkbot talking to noted automata-enslaved musician JBOT of Captured! by Robots, who plays the Abbey Pub on Saturday. (Personal favorite quote: "I'm not a computer dork. I'm just a guy who got captured by robots.") Gossip Wolf brings us the sad news of Loose Dudes' impending dissolution as well as developments with Brenmar and Aleks Eva. Gossip Wolf's Jessica Hopper kicks off the second installment of In Rotation, another new regular feature, by gushing over Bill Wyman and the musical side of Tom & Jerry before passing the mike to two of the DJs who organize the Reader-approved queer dance party Chances Dances. (I strongly cosign DJ Nina Ramone's recommendation of that Weeknd record, which is possibly the best thing that's come out yet this year.) The new Three Beats feature brings you up to date on Implodes' long-overdue release party, local fingerstyle prodigy Ryley Walker, and an interesting production this weekend at Chicago Opera Theater. Our Nightlife photo section takes us to the Red Bull Thre3style Championships held last week at the Mid. And last but not least, the Soundboard (formerly known as the List) recommends shows by Baby Dee, Jonathan Richman, A-Trak, Neil Young, Destruction, and a bunch more.

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