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Mayor Daley says his request for bodyguards after his term expires is appropriate, but Mayor Jane Byrne thinks otherwise: “Once you leave, you leave. You have to take care of yourself. You’re no longer mayor,” Byrne said. (Sun-Times)

George W. Bush, various local celebrities, and fawning media types think Mayor Daley was the best mayor ever. Ever. (Sun-Times/video after the jump)

Chicago's rail system was an al Qaeda target, according to documents collected at Osama bin Laden's compound. (CNN)

Those narcs at the General Assembly shot down a bill that would legalize medical marijuana. (WBEZ)

The House also rejected the conceal-and-carry gun law, too. (Tribune)

Al Qaeda is pissed that bin Laden is dead. (Tribune)

The bin Laden gang didn’t leave their compound for five years. And they didn’t have Internet! (NY Daily News)

Turns out the CIA had a safe house nearby all along. (Washington Post)

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