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Mayor Daley's Open House


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Want to thank Mayor Daley for his steadfast and farsighted leadership over the last two decades? There’s an open house on the fifth floor of City Hall today, from 1 to 4 PM. The event is billed as a chance for the mayor to thank Chicagoans; he hosted similar open houses after each of his six inaugurations. (Tribune)

The Bulls collapsed in the fourth quarter last night, allowing the Hawks to tie the series at two apiece. (Tribune)

On the list of things not to do on a flight: Attempt to open a door while in the air, and banging on the cockpit door. Both of those things happened on flights to and from Chicago yesterday. (Tribune)

The city’s budget deficit is looking a little better, with a windfall of revenue and fewer expenditures, cutting it by 10 percent. It’s still $587 million, though. (Bloomberg)

President Obama made the decision to go after Osama bin Laden in the face of the divided opinions of his cabinet, he told 60 Minutes yesterday. The odds of bin Laden being in the Pakistani compound where he was killed were almost even, the president said. (Washington Post)