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Hollywood Comes to the West Side


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State money is rolling into the west side where a sound stage — where Kelsey Grammar’s TV series Boss, in which he plays the mayor of Chicago, is being filmed — raises hopes for the city’s film industry. (Sun-Times)

Blair Kamin examines Mayor Daley’s legacy on urban design, giving props for Millennium Park, a so-so on Northerly Island, and a big thumbs-down on the renovation of Soldier Field. (Tribune)

Police arrested an Uptown man, confiscating 20 guns and two grenades, after he made threats against the Willis Tower. (Sun-Times)

Robert Feder slammed a number of local television personalities for appearing in a Walter E. Smithe Furniture ad in which they embarrassingly lauded Mayor Daley. Now they’re asking to be cut from the ad. (Time Out Chicago/Tribune)

Watch it while you still can!

Schocker: Congressional hot bod Aaron Schock and his six pack were named America’s Fittest Congressman by Men’s Health. Congrats, Congressman. (Tribune)

Shocker: The Northwestern human sexuality class that included a live sex demonstration has been canceled. (Tribune)

Pakistani officials have outed what they say is the CIA’s main man in Islamabad, further straining tensions. (Washington Post)

Remember Libya? We’re still there, and the nation’s government is playing a two-faced game of aggressor and victim. (Washington Post)

In other Libya news, New York Times reporter C.J. Chivers has a great Tumblr blog, where all the news that isn’t fit to print — or hidden behind a paywall — can be found. (CJChivers.com)

The United States’ first face transplant was performed on a man whose entire visage was melted after it came in contact with a high-voltage power line. It’s a remarkable transformation. The “before” image is quite jarring, so be warned. (New York Post)

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