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EyeLock Turns Your Eyes Into Keys


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  • Photo by neuroticcamel at Flickr/Creative Commons attribution
Are you the kind of person who always forgets their computer passwords? Is it because you always change your passwords when you're drunk or asleep? Why do you do that? You're so strange.

Well, whatever your issue is, you might not have any more password forgetfulness-related problems if this new EyeLock stuff really takes off.

Invented by a company called the Hoyos Group, EyeLock uses iris-scanning technology to let people open their Hotmails/AOL-mails/etc. without any of that old-fashioned password fuss. As Chicago Breaking Business reports:

Here's how it works: The device, which is the size of a standard business card and weighs about four ounces, comes in the form of a USB drive. Once you install the program and decide which applications to EyeLock, you hold the wand-like scanner in front of your eye, and automatically log in to any password-protected site on your computer — whether it's Facebook, Gmail, PayPal or your bank account.

Supposedly irises are safer than passwords, because hackers can't break into your eyes. “Every time you log in, it reads your iris and creates a unique key, which is a series of numbers, and this key changes every time you log in, so no one can hack it,“ says Hoyos assistant marketing director Tracy Hoyos.

The only way EyeLock won't work is if you're dead, but you probably won't need your email account anymore so who cares. This also won't work if hackers actually do figure out how to break into your eyes, but you would probably notice if this was happening, and be able to stop them. The only group of people whose lives won't be made exponentially better by the fancy new EyeLock technology are the ones who remove their eyes and then forget where they put them. Maybe this sounds familiar: "Bob, have you seen my eyes anywhere? I thought I left them on the nightstand, but they're not there. Bob? Oh for Heaven's sake—are you drunkenly changing all of your passwords again? I'm serious, Bob, come help me out here, I have to send Mom an email."

Such people really can't be helped.


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