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Rahm gets tough on TIFs


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Mayor Emanuel has created a TIF task force to ensure TIF-funded projects benefit neighborhoods. He also put some of the city’s TIF data online. (Fox Chicago News)

Rod Blagojevich could take the stand in his defense next week. Prosecutors wrapped up their case against the ex-governor earlier this week. Questions remain about who the defense might call, but big names — including Mayor Emanuel — have been floating around. (Tribune)

The FBI believes the Unabomber may be behind the Tylenol murders that shocked Chicago in 1982. The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, a native of Evergreen Park, denies any involvement. (Tribune)

The ten-year-old boy who allegedly murdered his neo-Nazi father told police he shot his father because he was tired of being abused. (LA Times)

The looming and alleged Rapture is dividing families. And one parent told her daughter she won’t make it to Heaven, which seems kind of harsh. (NY Times)

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