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How to ... ditch annoying Facebook friends


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If you’re tired of Obnoxious Olivia, Self-Absorbed Sal, and their sad and pointless Facebook status updates, it might be time to defriend them. How to muster up the courage? Try this approach.

1. Start easing your way out of the friendship by resisting the urge to respond to their status updates.

2. Ramp up your privacy settings. The less information you make available to the loonies, the less they have to talk about, and—most importantly—the less they will (hopefully) think about you. If an offender messages or tags you, remain silent.

3. It’s go time! Defriend the person as fast and as painlessly as you can. Do it at night, while they’re sleeping.

4. Adjust your privacy settings to disappear from the pages of mutual friends.

5. Block the person from adding you as a friend.

6. Voila! “I breathed” status updates and Mob War invites no more.

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