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Willis Tower can be yours


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In the market for some property? Consider Willis Tower, which last sold for $840 million. (Sun-Times)

The city will consider preservationists’ bid to save Northwestern’s Prentice Hospital. (Sun-Times)

A report says the Cubs are in violation of Major League Baseball’s debt service rules, which means the team might — MIGHT — not have enough money to cover its expenses. The Tribune notes, “It’s unclear what or how severe (the) compliance problem is.” (Tribune)

At least six people were injured this morning when two trains collided at Union Station. (Tribune)

The prosecution came out swinging in its cross-examination of Rod Blagojevich. The first question: “Mr. Blagojevich, you are a convicted liar, correct?” (Chicago News Cooperative)

Groupon is going public, and seeks to raise $750 million in its IPO. (Tribune)

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, aka Doctor Death, has died. (NY Times)

John Edwards, the former darling of the Democratic party, has been indicted on a variety of charges related to his alleged funneling of money to the mother of his love child. (AP)

The woman who caused an international uproar when she said forces loyal to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi raped and beat her has been deported from Qatar. (Global Post)

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