New reports of mob attacks include CTA bus encounter | Bleader

New reports of mob attacks include CTA bus encounter


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More reports of coordinated mob attacks. Late Saturday night, a group of teens stormed a CTA bus near the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, attacking and robbing a man. Last night, 15 to 20 young men attacked and robbed two men near the intersection of Chicago and Wabash. Police detained three suspects, but are hesitating to link last night’s attack to the violence that took place over the weekend. (NBC Chicago/Tribune)

Meanwhile, Mayor Emanuel says he wants all the perpetrators brought to justice, as more reports of attacks near the lakefront have surfaced. (Sun-Times)

The question of race has been an uncomfortable topic related to the attacks. The fact that the assailants are black has largely been absent from news coverage. The Tribune’s Dawn Turner Trice writes that race alone shouldn’t peg all black men as possible predators. (Tribune)

U.S. rep. Bobby Rush says these attacks are nothing new on the South Side. (CBS2)

A local online cycling community discusses possible threats to those on bikes. (The Chainlink)

Be prepared for another hot day today. (Sun-Times)

Despite the city’s budget crunch, many of Mayor Emanuel’s cabinet members are making more than their predecessors. (Chicago News Cooperative)

You can forget about a citywide recycling program this year. (Chicago News Cooperative)

The region’s water management department has agreed to disinfect waste before it’s dumped into local waterways. (Chicago News Cooperative)

Aldermen pressed the city’s new hiring executive on why they can’t dole out patronage jobs. (Chicago News Cooperative)

So what ever happened to the puck that Patrick Kane shot to win the Stanley Cup last year? The Trib has uncovered some new clues. (Tribune)

Blago came off the stand yesterday, after being grilled for the three days by prosecutors. It was an awkward encounter. (Tribune)

Why is Oney Guillen complaining about a White Sox draft pick? (Sun-Times)

A Texas psychic who tipped police off to a possible mass burial ground may face charges after said burial ground was found not to exist. (Houston Chronicle)

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