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How to ... support your friend's shitty band


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It's Saturday night, and there's no place you'd rather be than with your best pal. But what if his idea of fun is having you trek to some hole-in-the-wall dive to check out his 311 cover band, Jackolantern's Weather? Don't fret. Follow these steps to becoming a "loyal" fan.

1. Plan meticulously, act casual. "Are you free this Friday, man?" No, no you are not. You checked the band's schedule weeks in advance. Attend one show per month or whatever you think you can handle without your ears bleeding.

2. Bring your own support. Dragging friends to a lame show may seem cruel, but maybe you can sucker them with a free drink. Plus, they'll provide an excuse to bolt early. Note: this is not the time to bring a new lady friend. You don't want her judging your musical taste, and you certainly don't want to find out she digs the band.

3. Be a subtle (but not actual) fan. When he asks you to help promote a show, don't hop on Facebook and write, "Come see Jackolantern's Weather tonight at Dale's Rock Emporium!" That's just too much. Instead try, "Come hang with me at Dale's Rock Emporium tonight." Now you're being supportive while still protecting your dignity.

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