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Protess and Medill split for good


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There's news in the story the Tribune broke online Monday afternoon, but the headline, "Renowned Northwestern prof Protess to retire," is misleading.

David Protess isn't retiring. The story by Jodi Cohen and Jason Messner makes it clear that he's carrying on with his new project, running the Chicago Innocence Project. He is retiring from Northwestern University, where he launched his Medill Innocence Project in 1999. Over the past year or two Protess and Medill had a complete falling out, Protess was forbidden to teach his investigative journalism class last quarter, he started up the Chicago Innocence Project instead, the Medill Innocence Project moved on without him, and I don't think anyone expected to ever see Protess again in a Medill classroom.

The Tribune article reports that Protess and Northwestern have signed an agreement that compensates Protess financially and forbids either party to criticize the other, and that the Northwestern Faculty Senate has passed a motion expressing its "deep concern" over the way Protess was treated by the university.


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