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This week on the B Side


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Whenever I watch a Blackhawks game I find myself wondering about the person up in the box who plays the organ and electronic drums during the game. It must be a weird, knowing you're all but anonymous despite the thousands of people who can hear what you're doing. In this week's Reader Jake Austen takes us to U.S. Cellular Field and introduces us to Lori Moreland, the new organist for the White Sox, and it's pretty amazing. Did you know that the Sox maintain an open-door policy vis-a-vis their organist? If you want you can stop in and see Moreland at work the next time you're at a Sox game. That almost seems worth the cost of admission to me, but as noted above I'm possibly a little more fascinated by this than the average person.

There are approximately one billion other things happening in our music section this week. I've got reviews of a handful of recent releases by local acts, including Quadratic, the Laureates, the Chicago Stone Lightning Band, and No I.D.'s project Cocaine 80s. Gossip Wolf has sightings of the grease-loving Yo La Tengo and the butt-smoking Dave Pirner, plus news on a project called Redgrave that involves a Pinebender-pedigreed Chicago indie rocker. Three Beats has news on a new mix tape from Freddie Gibbs, a new label from the guy behind the Little White Earbuds dance-music blog, and the long-delayed release of the high-school garage-punk band that spawned Nobunny, Vee Dee, and the Daily Void. In Rotation includes recommendations from the Reader's Kevin Warwick, Permanent Records' Lance Barresi, and Moniker Records' Robert Manis, whose advice re: Del Shannon's psychedelic rock phase is spot on. This week's Night Moves follows Reader Best of Chicago-winning club promoter Scott Cramer through his Pride weekend. And the Secret History of Chicago Music profiles avant-garde jazz reedist Roscoe Mitchell.

As usual the Soundboard is recommending a ton of shows coming up in the next week, including Fucked Up with Jeff the Brotherhood, Bill Callahan, Origin, Diogo Nogueira, and White Fence. And it being festival season, we've got guides to the Taste of Chicago, FitzGerald's American Music Festival, and the African Caribbean International Festival of Life.