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Video shows Boys Town stabbing attack



Police are investigating a weekend stabbing in Boys Town. Witnesses videotaped a group of more than ten people beating a man, who was stabbed twice in the melee. (Tribune)

Cicero’s town president Larry Dominick is accused of slurring Latinos, according to a new federal lawsuit. Cicero’s population is more than 70 percent Latino. (Sun-Times)

The Seattle man suspected of killing a seven-year-old suburban girl in 1957 says he’s not guilty of the crime. (Tribune)

Former top cop Jody Weis is staying in Chicago. He was named deputy director of the nonprofit Chicago Crime Commission. (Tribune)

How did Fox News’s Twitter account get hacked? Messages posted Monday indicated President Obama had been assassinated. (NY Times)

British tabloid News of the World is accused of hacking into a murdered girl’s voice mail, deleting messages left by distraught family members, which gave them hope she was still alive. (Guardian)

Pakistan’s spy agency is thought to have been involved in the murder of a journalist reporting on how the agency had been infiltrated by militants. (NY Times)

Former baseball star and accused juicehead Roger Clemens goes on trial this week for allegedly lying to Congress about his steroid use. (Washington Post)

A spectator’s flying elbow caused a massive crash at the Tour de France. Oops. (Gawker)