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Show us your . . . closet of board games


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Andrea Bauer
  • Andrea Bauer
Each week we ask you to show us something. This week it's Adam McIver's CLOSET OF BOARD GAMES. Got something to show us?

"Oh, I definitely think they're nerdy," Adam McIver says. "But I wouldn't consider them a guilty pleasure, because they're rad, and why would I feel guilty for liking something rad?" McIver's closet houses more than 60 board games, most of which he describes as having "strategic elements and less randomness." Translation: you probably won't find Sorry! or Battleship.

McIver started collecting the board games in high school, with Heroquest and the ever-popular Magic: The Gathering serving as his gateways. Lately he's been buying one every week or so, with the price ranging between $20 and $80.

"A couple of my favorites at the moment are 7 Wonders, Thunderstone—god that one sounds so nerdy—and Dominant Species," McIver says. "Games are just inherently social. You're forced into conversation and interaction with the person across the table from you."


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