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How to . . . prank your coworker


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  • robin_24
When one of your colleagues jets off to some enviable locale, it’s only logical to welcome him back with a hidden “surprise”—some subtle irritant that will worsen over time, confuse (and eventually anger) him, and totally crack up the rest of the staff. Here’s one way to go about it:

1 Head to the grocery and pick a bunch of overly ripe, soon-to-be-putrid bananas.

2 Take two bananas and tape them under your colleague’s chair. Tape another two to the back of his computer monitor. Tape the last two to the ceiling of his file cabinet.

3 Once he returns to work, walk by his desk and marvel over the fact that he doesn’t yet detect the scent of bananas.

4 Stay calm when the coworker who sits next to him rushes into your office to announce that one of the bananas fell off his monitor—without him noticing. Distract him, then find a safer hiding place for that banana.

5 After three weeks pass, begin to worry that he might not have a sense of smell.

6 When he finally reaches into his cabinet to find rancid banana ooze soiling some documents—and yells obscenities at you—resist the urge to feel bad about it. It was worth the comic relief in a stressful work environment.

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