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Show us your . . . bedroom



Each week we ask you to show us something. This week it’s Dan Maloney’s BEDROOM. Got something to show us?

It’s not so much that Dan Maloney’s bedroom is nautically themed—it’s more that his life is. Maloney, who works at Reckless Records, plays in a band called Death Ships; their records are released on the Faithful Anchor label.

The most visual manifestation of Maloney’s enthusiasm is his bedroom, called the Captain’s Quarters. It’s here that he displays the maritime miscellany that he’s been collecting for more than a decade: a mirror designed like a ship’s wheel, a ship-themed tie rack. His favorite is a reading lamp shaped like a ship—“the centerpiece, if you will, of the Captain’s Quarters.”

“People are bird people or owl people or horse-collecting enthusiasts,” Maloney says. “I’m the ship guy.”