The Reader story of accident that just led to a $6.5 million settlement by Chicago



Gregory Jones, 8, was hit and killed by an unmarked police car in 2004. His niece Datonda Mitchell, 11, suffered serious injuries. The officers in the police car were accused of concocting a phony story to explain away reckless driving — speeding on the wrong side of Grand Avenue in Humboldt Park. They'd said they were trying to catch up to a car ahead carrying a man they'd seen pointing a handgun out the car window.

The city of Chicago has agreed to pay $5.9 million to Jones's family and $590,000 to Mitchell, the Sun-Times reported Thursday.

In 2007 the Reader's Tori Marlan took a close look at this incident. She wrote:

"If Officers Del Boccio and Jackson were indeed chasing a car with a gunman on May 19, 2004, they did so without notifying dispatchers and with a suspect in custody, each a violation of police department policy. If the officers weren't chasing the car, then it would appear they violated traffic laws without cause and made false reports."

Here's a link to her story.

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