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The Pluses of Google Minus



Feeling great today! I’ve yet to find the meditweeting book I'm looking for, but I’ve received an exclusive invitation to join Google Minus. This new networking service lets me do “everything you can do on Facebook, and less.” If I don’t feel like connecting with anyone, I simply log in, choose “aloof,” and it takes me to a blank page! Which is very soothing. I can Foe people as well as Friend them.

I like all of Google’s products. I’m a big fan of Google Earth, and lately have been using Google Fridge to exhume my leftovers and Google Hamper to sort my laundry. (If you want to see the satellite view of my laundry, let me know.)

I feel special being invited to try Google Minus. Google's other new product, Google+, is not nearly as exclusive, except to the seven of you who have yet to be invited. If you Google Google+, you get 23,900,000 results. If you Google Google Minus and your sound is turned on, you get a voice asking, "Don't you mean Google Plus?" (I don't believe there are really 23,900,000 results for Google+. No one ever searches past the first two pages. I'm guessing there are really only 20 hits; the rest are Google Fibs.)

Google Minus is for "the untapped introvert market," according to a confidential Google memo we discovered by Googling Google confidential memos. Google Minus is the first asocial networking service. "It's for people who basically want to be left alone, and could use our help doing it," the confidential memo says. Instead of dropping friends into circles, as you can do with Google+, you drop them into circular files. "Google Minus: We Keep People Apart," is the working slogan.