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This week on the B Side


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Let's face it: you'd have to be insane to head out to Lollapalooza this weekend. One hundred and forty bands! Ninety thousand people a day! If you do head out to it, though, the Reader's Lollapalooza survival guide—which covers everything from what bands you should see to what you're allowed to bring in with you to how to make it through the weekend without literally dying—will almost definitely come in extremely handy. We recommend not letting it out of your grasp the entire weekend. For those of you skipping the festival's daytime activities, we offer a guide to the afterparties that as of press time still had tickets available. If you're not into anything at all Lollpalooza related, Soundboard has you covered with recommended shows by Sade, Iceage, Ringworm, My Brightest Diamond, Bare Mutants, Exploding Star Orchestra, and more.

If you do end up at Lollapalooza I'd highly recommend catching the Black Lips, whose bassist, Jared Swilley, chatted with Jim Hollywood (Baseball Furies/Tyrades/Football) for what turned out to be the most hilarious Artist on Artist Q&A we've run yet. Gossip Wolf's got news on a couple of local electro-heads with a new remix out on James Murphy's DFA Records, as well as a zine event in Logan Square and a new blend of "darkwave and wonky faux-classical soundtrack electro" from an emo veteran. And the Photo Pit makes an online-only return to take us to one of Paul McCartney's recent concerts at Wrigley Field, which I kind of flipped my shit over earlier this week.

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