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Conversations with the morning paper


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Notes on reading the Friday Sun-Times:

Nothing wrong with high-concept cartooning, but I can't reach Jack Higgins's point today with a broomstick. Rich Daley as a pirate, Rahm Emanuel as the parrot on his shoulder, Jon Burge as an eye patch. We know a federal judge says Daley can be deposed in a Burge suit, and we know Mayor Emanuel says the city must cover the ex-mayor's legal fees. But about these developments, Higgins is saying what?

On the other hand, there's nothing hard to parse about the obituary of federal appeals judge Terence Evans. Dead at 71 after three decades on the bench, Evans is remembered for "injecting humor into his opinions," and one example is given — a recent "trademark dispute between toilet-paper makers."

Evans "described how Georgia-Pacific 'unrolled' its lawsuit and how the appellate judges must 'wipe the slate clean.'" If the Sun-Times were chiseling his gravestone it would read, "If you seek his monument, look behind you."