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Alas, not even the king of Ks


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At 153 and counting, the Big Breeze has been so prodigious with his strikeouts this season it's somewhat shocking to find that he's still only second in the majors in the category: young Cincinnati Reds center fielder Drew Stubbs leads with 170 Ks. Then again, Stubbs, who's served as a leadoff man for much of the season, has 126 hits and 84 runs in 508 at bats, a .248 batting average, .380 slugging percentage, and .701 on-base-plus-slugging percentage, and 32 stolen bases. Dunn has 60 hits and 32 runs in 363 at bats, a .165 average, .292 slugging percentage, and .584 OPS, with zero stolen bases. In a column yesterday on the multiple woes the Sox have had this season, Scott Miller of noted that Dunn is the worst everyday player since Rob Deer with Detroit back in 1991.

I'd never heard of Rob Deer, so I looked him up. The results, from, were enlightening:

In 1987 Deer became the first player to have over 100 more strikeouts than RBI. In 1991 he set a record with 95 more strikeouts than hits, set an RBI record for a player under the Mendoza Line, set a record for lowest average by a player who hit 20 homers and set the record for lowest average by a player with 400 or more at-bats. He struck out once every 2.56 at-bats, nearly breaking the record he had set with 2.55. He accomplished this despite missing 28 games, or he might have become the first 200-strikeout man ever.

Deer has the lowest batting average of any outfielder with over 2,000 AB. He also led his league in strikeouts eight times during his pro career despite only having 400 official at-bats in seven seasons. In nine years with over 300 official at-bats, Deer struck out more than 100 times in each. He is in fact by far the easiest player to strike out in Major League history, having struck out once for every 2.75 at bats in his career (the next player on the list, Pete Incaviglia, "only" struck out once every 3.31 at bats).


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