Weekend listening: Stagnant Pools | Bleader

Weekend listening: Stagnant Pools


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The music scene in Bloomington, Indiana, has two really good things going for it: Eric Harvey, a grad student at Indiana University whose thoughtful and entertaining writing has made him a popular voice in the music-crit community (see his excellent defense of John Maus and artists acting badly but interestingly) and is a big Bloomington music booster, and also apparently a whole bunch of good bands for him to promote.

Recently I wrote about Bloomington indie-rock group Sleeping Bag on the Reader's Tumblr. I've also become a big fan of the two-piece Stagnant Pools. They make drone-heavy, slate-gray art-rock that should appeal to fans of Disappears, Joy Division, and Sonic Youth records from back when they were still actually scary. I don't know whether or not they named themselves after Leaf Hound's massive 1971 psychedelic head-stomper "Stagnant Pool," but the fact that it comes up when I search my iTunes for their record makes me like them even more by association. Their album, Real Lies, is available as a free download through Bandcamp. They're playing Grand Rapids this weekend, but it doesn't look like they have any dates coming up in Chicago. Hopefully they'll change that soon.