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We can see Joe Biden from our office


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  • americaspower
Or, we might be able to. He's supposed to drive by any minute on an intrepid Chicago "fundraising mission," according to the Trib. Anyway, no excuse is really needed to recall the excellent coverage granted Biden by the Onion, which keeps a compendium of its articles here. Some of my favorites:

Biden To Cool His Heels In Mexico For A While: "I need to steer clear of D.C. until some shit blows over," said Biden, sitting in the far corner of a Mexican cantina with his back to the wall and taking a long swig from a bottle of Tecate Light. "It's nothing I can't handle, but let's just say there was a little misunderstanding. Somebody didn't get something they were supposed to get."

Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am In White House Driveway: "Oops, looks like I got a little brewha in the flavor-saver," added Biden, referring to his wispy, four-day-old mustache. "Any of you girls care to join me for another tallboy?"

Biden Receives Lifetime Ban From Dave & Buster's: According to other Dave & Buster's employees, Biden has not historically respected the bans that have been placed on him. After he was barred from the Tempe, AZ location in 2007, the former senator would reportedly do burnouts in the parking lot with his Trans Am while waiting to pick up a waitress employed there at the time, a woman identified only as "Candi."

And so on. The Onion's corpus of Biden pieces is pretty magnificent, which made it all the more pleasing when the New York Times made it the subject of a sort of trend piece ("The Onion Strikes Comic Gold With Biden Spoofs"), hilarious in its own right for being so boring:

Political satire typically seizes on a public official’s foibles or flaws and exaggerates them — Gerald R. Ford’s clumsiness, Bill Clinton’s fast-food cravings, George W. Bush’s malapropisms, for example. Turning the craft on its head, writers at The Onion have created a caricature of the vice president that is entirely incongruous with his public image. Of all Mr. Biden’s imperfections, being a womanizer and a drunk are not on the list. In fact, he does not drink and has been, by all accounts, a devoted husband and family man for more than 30 years.

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