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Does anybody have confidence in anybody?


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Let's look at ourselves
  • Velazquez
  • Let's look at ourselves
It's not news that no one's happy with Washington.

In his Saturday piece in the New York Times, statsmonger Charles M. Blow noted that recent Gallup polls "found record-high dissatisfaction with government." For example:

The 15 percent of Americans approving of Congress in the September poll is just 2 percentage points above the all-time low recorded twice in the past year.

Plenty of other polls have told us the same thing. We're not going to get a straight answer from Congress on what, in return, they think of Americans; but a more imaginative poll could try to find out what we think of ourselves. It might ask:

Do you think the American people, as a whole, have a deep, superficial, or no understanding of the major problems facing the nation, as you see those problems?

Do you have a good deal of, a little, or no confidence in the ability of the American people to identify and elect the candidates on the ballot best able to deal with those problems?

At this difficult time in the nation's history, do you believe the American people are fully, somewhat, or in no way up to the task of pulling together and getting through it?

If anyone has seen a poll like this, please point me to it. What's the national level of self-contempt?

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