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A lot of factors have helped Spotify become one of those pieces of music tech—the iPod, the Shazam app, Napster back in the day—that inspire people to get all wide-eyed and act generally kind of fervently evangelical, telling their friends that they have to check it out, et cetera. The thing I find most impressive about it is that someone's put together a music service that's actually easier than piracy. Spotify's social listening aspects—and the even more intense ones you'll find on—are the subject of my column this week. I know a lot of people are very bugged-out right now over Spotify's recently deepened relationship with Facebook, but I personally don't mind. Then again I don't really care who knows about my late-night Tegan and Sara binges, and my bosses all know that I have a taste for offensively raunchy ghettotech, so that's not such a big deal for me.

Also in this issue Peter Margasak catches up with the local Krautists in Cave, who recently released the great Neverendless (their first full-length for Drag City) and caused a little ruckus on Milwaukee Avenue by playing a live set from a moving flatbed truck. (You can check out local videographer John Yingling's footage of the performance after the jump.) In the new Artist on Artist local art-rock icon Bobby Conn interviews global art-rock icon Brian Ferry, who even in transcribed form sounds impeccably posh and Burberry-clad. Three Beats this week has news on a let's say less-than-official rerelease of a painfully rare garage single from the Keggs, a new quartet from jazz cornetist Josh Berman, and some music-related art from cabbie-slash-author Dmitry Samarov. In Rotation offers picks from sound artist Olivia Block (who selected a really bizarre-sounding Nollywood film that reimagines Beyonce as "a modern woman in Nigeria"), Haptic's Joseph Clayton Mills, and our own Peter Margasak. Gossip Wolf has tidbits on locally brewed black metal, weirdo electronics, and Twitter drama. The Secret History of Chicago Music unearths obscure progressive-rock band Yezda Urfa. And Soundboard offers upcoming live picks from Arbouretum, Carla Bozulich, Danzig Legacy, Boredoms guitarist Shinji Masuko, 7 Seconds, and more, plus a guide to this weekend's punk-heavy Riot Fest.

Here's that Cave vid:


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