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Stuart's Fancy Drinks revisited


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Duchamp's Kris von Dopek, the mixologist featured in this week's Cocktail Challenge, recently created some pre-Prohibition cocktails in honor of Plymouth Gin's reissue of Thomas Stuart's 1896 manual Stuart's Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them, a slim volume not available commercially. The contents, as announced on the frontispiece: "Clear and practical directions for mixing all kind of cocktails, sours, egg nog, sherry cobbler, coolers, absinthe, crustas, fizzes, flips, juleps, fixes, punches, lemonades, pousse cafe, invalids' drinks, etc. etc." The book starts with instructions for making absinthe, cautioning, "Never use absinthe in any preparation unless ordered by the customer." The customer is also always right when it comes to "Arf and Arf," aka a black and tan: "This is a common English drink and means half porter and half ale, but in this country we use half old ale and half new. It is always best to ask the customer how he desires it."

The customer serves himself in drinks such as gin and wormwood: "5 or 6 sprigs of wormwood placed in a quart bottle of gin to extract the essence. Place before the customer a small bar glass (dropping a piece of ice therein), and the bottle, allowing him to help himself." Ditto the "invalids' drinks" of brandy, gin, and bourbon, all served by presenting the invalid with a glass containing "a small lump of ice" and the bottle. And a Suydam:

1 dash orange bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters
Then hand the bottle of liquor out and let the customer help himself. This is an appetizer.

Of Fishing Punch, made with rum, brandy, sugar, and lemon and lime juice, Stuart advises that "This drink can be put in bottles for the Fisherman to take along, so that he will loose no time."

Another way of losing no time is the Morning Cocktail:

3 or 4 dashes of gum syrup
2 dashes of Curacoa red
2 dashes of Boker's Bitters
1 dash of absinthe
1 pony of best brandy
1 pony of whisky
1 piece of lemon peel, twisted to extract the oil
3 small lumps of ice
Stir thoroughly and remove the ice. Fill the glass with seltzer water, and stir with a tea-spoon having a little sugar in it.

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