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Google Music leaves beta


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When Google launched its cloud-based Music Beta back in May the existence of the service wasn't exactly a surprise to anyone—the Mountain View behemoth had been rumored to be eyeing the music market for approximately forever—but the fact that it launched without deals with the major labels was a shock.

Today Google Music officially left beta, and anyone with a Google account can get started free of charge. Users get cloud storage for up to 20,000 songs, which you can sync up with your iTunes to upload your collection in a really ingenious way that you'll hardly even notice. Android users can play back from Google Music via the native Android music app, and iPhone users can use a nifty little app called gMusic to do the same. While the past six months of using Google Music Beta haven't exactly changed my life or anything, never having the problem of wanting to hear something from my collection that I forgot to load on my iPod—3G willing—feels more than a little luxurious.

Google Music users will also be able to buy MP3s from the Android app store, which won't count towards their 20,000 song limit. As a little extra bonus incentive to get started the store's offering a cleaned-up version of the massively kick-ass 1973 Rolling Stones bootleg, The Brussels Affair, which I can attest is worth the $4.99 they're selling it for.

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