In Cook County, one in six is "food insecure" | Bleader

In Cook County, one in six is "food insecure"


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Here's a statistic Mayor Emanuel probably won't cite when he's promoting Chicago: according to his announcement today of a "One City, One Food Drive" campaign, "one in six Cook County residents is food insecure, or uncertain of where their next meal will come from."

The mayor's source is the Greater Chicago Food Depository. GCFD's definition of food insecurity takes into account the quality of food available. They also do some extrapolation, using variables like unemployment to arrive at an estimate. They've mapped the problem, so you can check out how many of your neighbors they think are going hungry. "One City, One Food Drive" runs through December 16—Chicagoans are encouraged to give a dollar, a can of food, or "an hour of time to hunger-relief programs." A collection barrel is coming soon, to a location near you, along with a pro bono "Do It for Chicago" ad campaign.