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Raw Milk Freedom Ride


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Haven't heard much lately from the Molecular Collective, the guerrilla art group that was giving away raw milk around the city last summer. But civil disobedience in the name of unpasteurized dairy products is not dead. Earlier this month a group called the Raw Milk Freedom Riders hauled 100 gallons of unpasteurized moo juice from a Pennsylvania farm to Food and Drug Administration HQ in Silver Spring, Maryland, in defiance of the federal ban on the transportation of raw milk across state lines.

There, the "caravan of mothers," backed by the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, held a rally toasting all that is unpasteurized, with milk and cookies. In response the feds issued a somewhat off point statement:

With respect to the interstate sale and distribution of raw milk, the FDA has never taken, nor does it intend to take, enforcement action against an individual who purchased and transported raw milk across state lines solely for his or her own personal consumption.

As you might know, inter- and intrastate laws governing the sale and distribution of raw milk are confusing enough, and the Freedom Riders are taking the gibberish to mean that though the feds won't target individuals, they might still prosecute buying clubs, co-ops, and farmers who do the same. So now they're organizing a Wisconsin-to-Chicago Raw Milk Freedom Ride next Thursday, December 8, starting off from undisclosed locations north of the border and ending up in Independence Park (3945 N. Springfield) sometime around noon. Speakers such as raw-milk activist Max Kane will rile up the crowd, and 100 gallons of raw milk—and cookies—will be distributed for a group toast.

Says Kane: "What you gonna do about it, Johnny Law?"

UPDATE: The RMFR are upping the ante. Publicist Kimberly A. Hartke emails "the attendees will "buy" milk from the distributors. It may only be pennies for a glass but they have decided a financial transaction will be part of the protest."

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