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The Sis and Maggie Daley Cultural Center of Chicago?


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Ah, we long for royalty.

Here’s what Sis Daley told the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass in 1999, after he campaigned to get the Chicago Cultural Center named for her:

“Thank you so much, but no thanks. . .Chicago is a better name for that building. Chicago is a prettier name than Sis Daley, and it means more to all sorts of people.”

Sis had prevailed upon her husband, Mayor Richard J. Daley to save the old central library building when developers wanted to take it down.

Maggie Daley, married to Sis’s son, Mayor Richard M., carried on, chairing the Cultural Center Foundation board.

So there's a case to be made for the Sis and Maggie Daley Cultural Center of Chicago.

On the other hand, these women — good wives to the city’s dicey kingpins — lived lives of enormous privilege. They did it gracefully. That’s to their credit.

But the Chicago Cultural Center is the People’s Palace.

A nice plaque there might be enough.

As Sis told Kass: “I’ve had a wonderful life. . .don’t make me out to be some kind of saint.”

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