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A world without Dime


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Today is the seven-year anniversary of the murder of Darrell Abbott, better known as Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell (previously Diamond Darrell). On this day in 2004, the weed-smoking, Crown Royal-slugging, Ace Frehley-loving shredder was shot to death by crazed fan Nathan Gale onstage during a gig by his band Damageplan in Columbus, Ohio—a scenario that only gets more terrifying and fucked-up the more you think about it.

In his book Fargo Rock City, Chuck Klosterman analyzes the difference between "hard" bands and "heavy" bands. The best part about Dime's playing was that he was able to walk the line between them. Pantera's jams were tough and big and loud and catchy. The other members' post-Pantera projects have varied in quality, from Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown's hard-as-nails Down to Vinnie Paul's abysmal Hellyeah, but none of the guys will ever kick as much ass as they did with Dime.

Here's a live Pantera performance from 1998. They're even killing it with a singer in the throes of heroin addiction.


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