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In this week's Reader: The misunderstood sex offender


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In this week's issue of the Reader, staff writer Sam Worley has an engrossing exploration of sex offenders and the broad state laws that apply to them. Along with vivid portrayals of his subjects, Sam also reveals how current laws against sex offenders require more nuanced elucidation than they presently possess.

Ben Joravsky has decided to swear off discussing TIFs. Just kidding, Ben's back to writing about TIFs, this time with regard to a proposed deal in Uptown that almost no one in the community is stupid enough to approve.

Deanna Isaacs devotes her column to the tale of a professor who claims he was fired because of a joke he told in class. What was it? Well, you'll just have to read Deanna's article for the punch line.

For You Are Here, this week's Chicagoan is Josh Garrett, a sign-language interpreter with a foul mouth; Mercedes DiRenzo-Bolduc shows us her plastic Santas; and we zoom in on Fulton River District—the Blommer Chocolate factory, to be specific—where the smell of chocolate overwhelms the air.

And, of course, Savage Love, this week addressing a woman with a GGG husband and a potentially confusing past lover, a confused Christian, and confusing sexual preference attributions.

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