Rodeo fulfills destiny, writes Lana Del Rey tribute | Bleader

Rodeo fulfills destiny, writes Lana Del Rey tribute


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It was inevitable that someone would write a song about controversial pop chanteuse Lana Del Rey and call it "Lana Deth Rey." And the band to do it would have to be snark-slinging local sludge rockers Rodeo, whose catalog already includes such inside-baseball titles as "LCD Soundsystem Is Playing at My Condo" and "Mega Bro and the Chill Waves."

What exactly the band and lead singer Jordan Sirven actually think about Del Rey isn't quite clear—Sirven has a mad, howling vocal delivery, and his performance has been doused with a liberal amount of obfuscating reverb—but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the song's message isn't pro-"Video Games." You can check it out for yourself for free at Rodeo's Bandcamp page.