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A guide to cheap wine? How could one possibly resist? Even our experts say cheap's the way to go.

But as much as I admire Canadian wine writer Natalie MacLean's gumption and brio [scroll down, if you care to], I'm afraid I find her latest book . . . not something you'll be dragging along to Trader Joe's.

Unless, that is, you're on the hunt for pairings with a feast such as a Sunday meal in Australia's Barossa Valley:

Barossa-fed chicken and pork in a garlic-and-sage glaze
Butter-poached chicken
Chicken with fennel bulb and sunchokes
Creamy oyster chowder and scallions
Striped bass or tilapia with red-wine-and-thyme-infused glaze
Breast of pigeon or squab with semolina gnocchi and pea puree
Lime and lemon tart

Yes, this book is bizarrely organized by days of the week, and by traipsing around the world's premier vineyards, and by menus that some of us would consider the pinnacles of our lives. In other words—despite ostensibly being devoted to wine cheapskates—it's not for us proles, quenchable or not.

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