Big hitter fights for medical marijuana | Bleader

Big hitter fights for medical marijuana


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Jesus: not the guy whos gone to court in Montana
  • Jesus: not the guy who's gone to court in Montana

The best headline of the day, from KRTV in Great Falls, Montana:

Christ files lawsuit over Montana medical marijuana law

True, it's referring to a different Christ than the one who first comes to mind—this would be Jason Christ, a businessman who created a "cannabis caravan" to register patients for medical marijuana.

Too bad. Something tells me Jason doesn't have quite as much clout as the other, better-known JC. Or this one, for that matter.

Mr. Christ could use some pull. As in California, Michigan, and many other states, Montana is mired in a messy and expensive legal quagmire over its medical marijuana laws.

In fact, among those looking for guidance on the issue is a Montana Priest—that is, Jason Priest, a Republican state senator from Red Lodge.

Illinois lawmakers tend to be much more firm in their convictions: most don't have any faith in medical marijuana laws. State rep Jim Sacia, for instance, considers them "an abomination."