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Joe Berrios
  • Joe Berrios
I find it kind of funny that the Bleader’s Gift Week should coincide with what might be called Money Week—but aren't those two almost always connected?

Not in the view of Cook County assessor and Cook County Democrats chair Joe Berrios. As the Sun-Times’s Lisa Donovan reported today, the Cook County ethics board has dropped an investigation into thousands of dollars Berrios “accepted from attorneys whose bread and butter is representing clients seeking lower tax bills.” Of this, Berrios said, “I think what’s ridiculous about this whole thing is no one is going to be influenced by someone who gives you a check to run for office.”

Oh, really?

I guess Berrios is similarly disinterested when it comes to his daughter, son, and sister, all of whom he employs, as well as when it comes to his state-rep daughter Toni. Interestingly, the plainest analysis of their disinterestedness comes from the conservative blog Illinois Review:

To these folks “Cook County” and “Cook County Democrats” are right up there with the Antichrist. Maybe the rest of us should share their scrutiny. Why do we keep voting in candidates who utter preposterous denials of the racket they and theirs profit from?

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