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Who wants to own Alot?


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  • Arixystix Creations
I've been a fan of the Alot for a couple years now, ever since a friend who knows my grammar-freak tendencies (it's not hard—some people who have never met me know about my slight obsession with grammar) sent me a link to Allie Brosh's excellent The Alot Is Better Than You at Everything—one of her equally excellent Hyperbole and a Half comics. You should really read it yourself, but in case you're not so inclined, the idea behind it is that Brosh came up with a fictional creature named the Alot to deal with her annoyance at constantly coming across the also-fictional word "alot." Now that creature exists as a plush toy created by Alix of Arixystix Creations. It doesn't look like it's currently possible to buy one, but there are a lot (I know, sorry) of calls in the comments for her to put them on sale, so maybe it will be in the near future.

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