The Weeknd drops a third great record in 2011 | Bleader

The Weeknd drops a third great record in 2011


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I love the Weeknd. And apparently everyone else in the world does too, because it's nearly impossible to find a year-end list without a mention of his first mix tape, House of Balloons. This morning the Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) dropped his third record of the year, Echoes of Silence (downloadable for free from his website). I feel like we've come to terms with the fact that Tesfaye won't top House of Balloons (hands-down my favorite record of 2011, by the way), at least not anytime soon, but that doesn't stop Echoes of Silence from being an incredibly satisfying listen. The record, like most of Tesfaye's work, is dark, moody, and introspective, but opens with an uncharacteristic burst of lighthearted fun: a sick Michael Jackson cover.

A lot of people consider trying to cover MJ sacrilege, but I think this track is great. And Echoes of Silence is free, so why not download it?