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The latest Reader performing arts reviews


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A Christmas Story: The Musical
  • Carol Rosegg
  • A Christmas Story: The Musical
It's a desert out there. With the fall season over, the spring season a few weeks away, and most of the holiday shows already well along in their runs, there's not much that's new to review. Such pickin's as there are include a late entry among the Loop yuletide shows, A Christmas Story: The Musical; Terry Horan's solo sketch show, Displays of Affection; and a special edition of Barrel of Monkeys' long-running That's Weird, Grandma, which I'd definitely take a grammar-school-aged kid to see if I knew any.

Leave the kids at home for La Cage aux Folles, briefly visiting the Bank of America Theatre downtown—but go yourself. (Q: Even though it stars George Hamilton? A: Yes.) Practical Theater Company vets Victoria Zielinski and Paul Barrosse brought their evening of sketches, The Vic and Paul Show, to Chicago a few months back and had enough success with it that they decided to return for another run. According to critic Jack Helbig, they're stretching their luck.

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