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Merry Christmas from the Reader to the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago City Council


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I was going to write a really nasty blog post, chiding 36th Ward alderman Nick Sposato for caving in on the United Neighborhood Organization's request to build a charter school in his ward.

'Cause what the world needs now is another UNO charter school, like I need a hole in my head....

You know, I always did like that song.

But then I started thinking....

Poor Sposato was up against some mighty big players: Mayor Emanuel, the Chicago Tribune, Alderman Danny Solis, UNO....

I mean, that's a lot of clout for one rookie alderman to overcome.

And at least he did put up a little fight. Unlike, say, my alderman, in regards to the mayor's budget.

One more time, thanks a lot for rolling over Alderman Pawar.


It's Christmas and everything. Sometimes you just got to cut a guy some slack....

So, I didn't write that post.

Instead, I went over to the UIC Pavilion and watched a high school basketball game: Simeon v. Whitney Young.

Great game! Simeon won, but only after withstanding a furious last-minute run by the Dolphins, who were led by Jahil Okafor, their sensational sophomore center.

Remember that name, people—the kid can play!

Guess who also showed up for the game?

That's right. The pride and joy of Englewood—Chicago's very own Derrick Rose.

He was wearing his Simeon letterman's jacket and a Simeon baseball cap and hanging with some of the fellows he went to high school with.

I bet Simeon's one high school even Mayor Rahm won't try to sell off to a charter.

The crowd went nuts when a shot of Derrick—eating cheese-covered nachos—flashed on the overhead screen.

On the other hand, I was like: "No, Derrick, no, you gotta eat healthy food to fortify yourself for the long season!"

I called over an usher and said—get that man some carrots!

Didn't really do the carrot thing.

But seeing D. Rose at the game got me thinking. What if the Bulls played basketball the way our aldermen play politics?

They'd go: "Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. LeBron—did you want to win? No problem. Let me just get of your way."

Oh, wait—it's Christmas. I wasn't going to rip the City Council.

Sorry, fellas, old habits are hard to break.

Instead, let me close on a conciliatory note for everyone—including all 50 of you Mayor Rahm-ass-kissing, library- budget-cutting, menta-health-clinic-closing, teacher-union-busting, water-sewer-tax-hike- raising, City Council wimps.

Damn—did it again. My bad. I really am trying, but it's like quitting smoking....

So here goes....

Thank goodness the NBA lockout's over....

Go Bulls....


Fuck the Heat!

At long last, something everyone around here can agree on.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


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