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Reefer in Evanston, Probcause, and only a few words about Mayor Rahm


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Believe it or not, one of the most frequently asked questions I get these days has nothing to do with TIFs, taxes, or Mayor Rahm.

Instead, it's this: Hey, man, who's the dude who sings that Evanston song?

That would be the Evanston song linked in my post about Evanston decriminalizing reefer.

One more time—way to go, hometown!

The song with this line:

"If you're in eighth grade and you've already got laid, you're from Evanston."

Yeah, man—cause that's how we roll!

And this line:

"If you're out for a smoke and your parents find your dope, you're from Evanston."

Followed by this line:

"If they take that same dope and they want to smoke, you're from Evanston."

Then this line—oh, just listen to the song yourself.

Anyway, the guy who wrote the song is a rapper who goes by the stage name of Probcause.

He wrote the Evanston song nine years ago, when he was a sophomore at Evanston High School—so you might say he was something of a child wonder.

In contrast, during my sophomore year at Evanston High School, I was eating pizza, watching the Bulls, and obsessing about Chicago politics.

Actually, sort of sounds like what I did over the weekend . . .

But back to Probcause . . .

The dude's bursting with talent. He's still writing, producing and performing his songs—in addition to studying painting at the Art Institute.

His latest album is called Stir Fried, for which he produced this video.

In the spring, he opened for Twista on a national tour. He's also toured with Machine Gun Kelly, who did for his hometown what Probcause did for his.

Probcause will be performing tonight at the Mid, 306 N. Halsted; he goes on at 11 PM, doors open at 10. The show will be hosted by the hip-hop trio BBU. If you tell them that I sent you, maybe they'll sing "You're Still a Young Man."

Speaking of things I was listening to in high school.

"I'll be doing a little bit of everything," says Probcause. "Some electronic music, some hip-hop, a little jazz and R&B. I'll try to make it all cohesive."

As for the Evanston song?

"I won't be doing that—I can only do that song in Evanston. People in Chicago don't necessarily care about what goes on in Evanston."

If you can't make tonight's show, Probcause will be performing Friday at 9 PM at the Morseland, 1218 W. Morse.

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