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133 tasty things from 2011


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Tamales Garibay
It's that time of year again. Just like last December, after mathematically calculating the best restaurants of 2011, I found myself haunted by dozens and dozens of memorably delicious things from everywhere I went. Even the most loathed and forgettable restaurants usually had one or two things to recommend them. And the best had plenty.

Here they are, in no particular order:

(1) Tamales Garibay
(2) Duck egg carbonara, (3) squid ink chitarra, (4) grilled octopus with saffron aioli and cured tomatoes, the Florentine
(5) Sannakji, H Mart
(6) Crepe Pigalle, Prince Creperie Cafe (RIP)
(7) The Sodfather's soppressata
(8) Legume de boeuf, Chez Violette
(9) Macao-style roast pork belly, (10) lo bak ko, (11) panfried lotus-root, (12) pork patty, MingHin Cuisine
(12) Pork collar, Butcher & Larder
(13) Frites, Leopold
(14) “Roger's” gin
(15) Mince pie a la Cliff
(16) Paella, La Taberna Tapas
(17) Pancakes, (18) mac 'n' cheese, Ruby's
(19) Oden
(20) Cauliflower veloute, Bistronomic
(21) Snapper ballotine, Paris Club
(22) Flatbread, Leader Bar
(23) Elk shepherd's pie, (24) gnocchi, (25) oysters, Frontier

Elk shephreds pie, Frontier

(26) "Inverted” waffles, Ing
(27) Chicken karaage, (28) rock shrimp yamaimo, (29) mascarpone-lobster spaghetti, Lure Izakaya Pub
(30) Capirotada, Birrieria Zaragoza
(31) Ramp-and-green-garlic veloute, (32) stuffed Guinea hen, (33) pear-ginger creme brulee, Cafe des Architectes
(34) Fish-and-chips, (35) chorizo-stuffed squid, (36) squid-ink gnocchi and fiddlehead ferns, (37) key lime pie, (38) carrot cake, GT Fish & Oyster
(39) Oeufs Benedictine, (40) tortue claire, (50) carré d'agneau, Next Paris 1906
(51) Coconut, (52) som tam, (53) kluk, (54) beef cheek curry, Next Tour of Thailand
(55) Chicken soup, (56) truffle Oreo, (57) Autumn Scene, Next Childhood
(58) Goat salami, Underground Meats
(59) Whole-wheat pappardelle with lamb ragu, (60) braised pork shoulder, (61) copetta, Nostrano
(62) Popcorn, Aviary
(63) Raw milk, via the Molecular Collective
(64) Paul McGee's mai tai, the Whistler
(65) Goose Island's Madame Rose
(66) Tacos de tripa, La Chaparrita

taco de tripa, La Chaparrita

(67) Beer-braised rabbit with giardiniera, (68) pan-roasted halibut with bacon, favas, young garlic, and tapenade, the Bedford
(68) Kale and mushroom pie, (69) Scotch egg, Pleasant House Bakery
(69) Kluay tak, Golden Pacific Market
(70) Chou-chi pork, (71) roasted eggplant with shrimp and mint, (72) bamboo with green chile paste, Aroy Thai
(73) Urfa biber, Harvesttime Foods
(74) Haggis, Scottish Festival and Highland Games
(75) Rancho Mateo's carne a la llanera, Humboldt Park Puerto Rican Fest
(76) Lemon Hart 151
(77) Mike Ryan's Teacup River, Sable
(78) Agedashi sweet-potato tater tots, (79) oxtail rice, Union Sushi & Barbeque Bar
(80) Pommes Anna, Rustic House
(81) English pea soup, (82) beignets, the Black Sheep (RIP)
(83) Tagliolini with grated bottarga and grape tomatoes, NoMi Kitchen
(84) Tagliatelle with rock shrimp and bay scallops and a creamy sweet-pea puree, Autre Monde
(85) Deep-fried PB&J, Wisconsin State Fair

deep fried PB&J, Wiscosin State Fair
  • Mike Sula
  • Deep-fried PB&J, Wisconsin State Fair

(86) 2009 Andrea Calek "Babiole," (87) 2000 Lopez de Heredia, (88) bucatini tossed with crisp sweetbreads, Telegraph Wine Bar
(87) Fennel salad, Al Dente
(88) Taco pizza, (89) mozzarella sticks, Roots Handmade Pizza
(90) Eucalyptus-pear "rita," Masa Azul
(91) Famous Hunan Chili in Black Bean Sauce, (92) ground pork with sour pickle, (93) Famous Prawn in Hot Wok, Lao Hunan
(94) Delmonico steak, (95) garlic bread, Michael Jordan's Steak House
(96) Roasted lobster, (97) roast carrot salad, (98) salted-caramel ice cream sundae, the Pump Room
(99) Ori-bulgogi (spicy barbecue duck), Tozi Korean BBQ
(100) Baked egg tarts, (101) papaya with custard cake, Cai Fine Dining and Banquet
(102) Grand Plateaux, Maude's Liquor Bar
(103) Bolognese fries, Three Aces
(104) Buffet, Harvard Sportsmen's Club Annual Game Dinner
(105) Som tam, (106) pad prik king Wat Dhammaram Songkran
(107) Mackerel escabeche, (108) tripe, morcilla, and garbanzos, (109) 2007 Black Slate Porrera, Vera
(110) Stuffed falafel, (111) eggplant dip, (112) muthmara, Almawal

famous Hunan Chili in black bean sauce, Lao Hunan
  • Dr. Peter Engler
  • Famous Hunan Chili in Black Bean Sauce, Lao Hunan

(112) "Broccoli," (113) "eggs," El Ideas
(114) Laganma chile paste with beef, (115) minced garlic with thin-sliced pork, Snack Planet
(116) Eomuk boekkum (aka odeng aka spicy fried fish cakes), JoongBoo Market
(117) Phoenix spicy tofu stir-fry
(118) squid salad with shrimp crackers, Nha Hang Viet Nam
(119) Roasted pork belly with Meyer lemon marmalade, Nathan Sears, Baconfest
(120) Cameo apple, Mick Klug Farm
(121) Cappellaci, (122) 2008 Palmadina Refosco, Ripasso
(123) Jicama stick (124) gaspacho, Victor Mejia
(125) Pepito, (126) cochinita pibil, Tortas Frontera
(127) Matty Eggleston's mushroom infused Quackuiri, Perennial Virant
(128) Mezcal sour, Barrelhouse Flat
(129) Ben Schiller's Italian Ice, GT Fish & Oyster
(130) Deep-fried stuffing balls
(131) Fish sauce Bloody Mary
(132) Kimchi chigae with jerk chicken stock
(133) Jason Turley's Creepy Uncle, Bar DeVille

coconut, Next Tour of Thailand


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